What is Portal de propietarios?

Portal Fincas Propietarios

Portal de Propietarios is a module from Portal Fincas,developed for access ofPropietarios de la comunidad

This space will provide owners access to essential information aboutproperties administration.

In this portal owners can take control of their community. For each neighbor managed community in PortalFincas.com may request access to property administrator and query data well as its own tab.

From the application owners can enlist incidents that will be sent to the Directors for their prompt resolution.

TheDocument management is intended to effectively manage the documents assigned to each community. Thanks to this owners can consult the documentation relating to a community where they are.

The neighbors have a bulletin board that will write messages to the rest of the community and Estates Manager to see.

They will also have access to a multimedia calendar where see the details of events and meetings published by the Administrator of Estates.

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